The way we do PD doesn’t make sense

Feature photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

I don’t need to learn a new technique for writing outcomes on the board. I don’t need to learn a new app. I don’t even need to learn about how I can invite experts from your company to guest teach in (what I’m sure is) a highly engaging fashion.

To become a better teacher, I need to become a better human.

More sensitive.

More persuasive.

Better able to read emotions and respond in a generous way.

More resilient.

More clear in my communication.

Better able to lead people through crises, big and small.

Let me do things to work on my human skills:

Volunteer with people different from myself.

Raise donations for a non-profit.

Practice having tough conversations.

Lean in and engage, instead of tuning out and disengaging.

If students feel cared for, they’ll learn. Period. Regardless of the other trendy techniques you’ve got.

If you want to be a master teacher, master this.