There’s no shortage of teachers, but there is a shortage of this

Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

Marketing expert Seth Godin said,

“There’s a trust shortage. There’s no people-who-know-how-to-fill-out-forms shortage.”

His comment was in regards to realtors, but the exact same thing applies to teaching.

In the life of a student, there’s no shortage of people telling them what to do. There’s no shortage of people trying to teach them things. They don’t need more of that.

They need someone who they can trust.

Build trust, and they’ll do anything for you.

Seth says people worry about the wrong things when trying to start a business. For real estate agents, he says,

“Don’t worry about getting the signs right or having the right car. Make sure every community meeting happens in your offices. Find a way to get on the community board, find a way to become a coach on the football team.”

People choose businesses they trust. The more clients trust a business, the more likely they’ll buy what the business is selling.

The more your students trust you, the more they’ll buy into what you’re selling. You are a marketer. You are in sales.

How to build trust

Get involved in visible places in the lives and communities of your students. Join the community centre group. Coach a team. Go out to events. Eat lunch with them. 

When you say you’re going to do something, do it. Show up on time, even in a culture of lateness. Get to know families. See all of who someone is, and prove to them that they can trust you with that information.

Realize you’re in a long game. You’re not in it to win. Once everyone trusts you, the game is not over; it’s just begun.