Remember this next time someone says, “This is stupid.”

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

Have you heard about the new game sweeping America? You throw the ball at the target, and you try to miss by more and more each turn. As the game goes on, it dissolves into complete chaos requiring absolutely no skill or talent. The winner is whoever did the worst!

Okay, jigs up, that’s not a real game. Of course it isn’t, because we would never invent a game where the goal is to be bad. We play sports to show how talented and skilled we are.

Have you ever tried to be bad at something on purpose? It usually doesn’t work out, and it is definitely not a longterm strategy.

No one wants to be bad at things. No one wakes up saying, “I wanna really suck at stuff today. Just get worse and worse all day.” Maybe people try to mess up to be cute or funny, but it’s so easy to see through.

We all want to be the best. Imagine being the best at everything: you’d be the richest, most famous person of all time. That’s the dream!

Here’s the point:

All those students saying, “This is stupid.” “I don’t care if I fail.” “I don’t need to learn this.”…they want to learn. They want to be good at it. But right now, from where they’re standing, it seems too hard.

Never, ever, ever let them fool you.