The Dichotomy

There’s two views you can fluctuate between as a teacher:

1) None of this matters. The education system is broken. School is f***ed.
2) I matter. I change lives. School matters. Only education can change the world.

How the job seems is very different from how the job is. If you, like me, got into education because you had a great teacher that changed your life, and you want to do the same, then you’ve seen the job at its very best.

But the day-to-day is practically the opposite of feeling like you matter. It feels pointless, devoid of meaning, constantly raising the question, “What is school for?”

Doctors know when they’ve saved someone’s life: the person is alive. No dead body. But in teaching, there is no proof.

There’s just faith. And you have to accept that.

Faith that there’s a reason you let yourself get treated like this every day. Faith in view #2. Faith that you matter. You will destroy your mental health if you keep questioning this aspect.

Only then, from a strong foundation and belief in your purpose, can you try to attack the system that causes view #1.