Teach them something useful for once

Problems we give in school:

AJ has $20. He wants to buy a bag of apples for $4.99, a toothbrush for $1.99, and 2 packs of gum for $2.50 each. How much does he have left?

Problems life gives us:

AJ has $500. He was supposed to get paid $800, but his boss says something “got messed up”. AJ needs to pay his phone bill ($80), electric ($105), and have $515 left over for rent. Also, he wants to put something in his savings account, and pay off some of his credit card. What should he do?

How often in life do you get a question with one right answer, and an obvious way to get that answer?

Teach them something useful. Teach them…

  • how to problem solve
  • where to start when there’s no clear path
  • how to know, in your heart or head, that what you’re doing is correct

If you’re not working to change the system, then you’re a part of the system.

Work it in, you can do it!

Here’s an excellent resource for math problems with no clear path or correct answer, and if you’ve never tried these, you should.