This is how the achievement gap forms

A student switches schools. 

She moves from a school with a thriving population of students of African Descent to a school where she is likely the black kid.

 She moves from a school that gets lots of grant money and resource allocations because of its population demographics to a school that doesn’t need it. People look out for her because she is black. Now people will just look at her because she is black.

She moves from a place where lots of people don’t know how to behave to one where her misbehavior will make her stand out. Maybe as a target.

She moves from a place where she felt secure enough to ask for help to one where that will focus the negative attention she’s trying to avoid. She won’t get help because she doesn’t want to be the dumb black girl.‎ Better to be the girl no one messes with.

This is how the achievement gap forms.

All the stereotypes that she’s trying not to live up to will prevent her from getting the help she needs. She will fall further behind. She will become a statistic because she doesn’t fit in.

It’s not really anyone’s fault, but it’s also everyone’s fault.

Schools are cultural, racially biased places. If we don’t celebrate who we have in the room, we risk losing them.